Advantages of Cryptohopper
There are many advantages to using the Cryptohopper trading bot. Some of these are commonly found in other bots as well but there are some which are unique to Cryptohopper. Each of these advantages have been discussed in detail below:
Trading cryptocurrencies is becoming a hyped up career and there are people joining in on the buzz without any formal training. Cryptohopper caters to their needs as well, providing a platform to the beginners that will handle all the technicality of trading for as long as they would like. There are features built within the bot that will help the beginners learn more about crypto trading and given enough time, they can turn into professional traders as well, bringing in high profits with their investments, ( see also the chatbox on the upper lefthand site, and find the Crypto Forum for Tips & Trades.)
When dealing in any task related to cryptocurrency, safety and security is a major issue that is often ignored by the trading bots. However, Cryptohopper takes the high road among such bots and provides an interface that is quite secure, not storing any tokens within itself. Rather, it stores all the funds within the trading accounts on the many exchanges that it supports.

The Cryptohopper trading bot has one of the best technical analysis with the various indicators integrated within it. When trading in funds, you should have all the data in front of you so that you are able to make an informed decision. If you compare two traders at the same level of intellect but with one using the Cryptohopper trading bot, you will find that the one with the bot has an edge over the other one when it comes to the technical analysis of the market.
The Cryptohopper trading bot has many technical indicators that can be tweaked in order to attain the maximum profits. Another thing that makes this bot desirable is the fact that there is an option to trade according to the signals that are handed out by the third party experts on social media groups.

Can you Really Make Money Using Cryptohopper?
This is the real question that you should be asking when going for any trading bot. In the end, it is all about the profits that you will be able to make, leaving the trading in the hands of an automated algorithm. Given the fact that Cryptohopper has all the features, technically you should be able to generate up to 100% profits on any trade.

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